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Leslie S. Richards, Secretary of Transportation

Using the Personal Alerts Service

What are Personal Travel Alerts?

511PA can send email to travelers who sign up for Personal Travel Alerts, and lets you tailor your notifications for all roadways on the 511PA core network.

It is easy to sign up to tailor your alerts to only those roadways in which you’re interested. Don’t want alerts on weekends? No problem. You can specify that you only want email alerts on weekdays. Only want email alerts before you start your daily commute? Just say what time of day you’d like them to start (and end!).

Getting Started

Click the PERSONAL ALERTS TAB of the left-hand navigation and then select NEW USER. At this screen, type in the username and password that you would like to use for your Alerts account. Please also enter your name and email address (for receiving the email alerts).

Your username cannot be changed after your account is created.

Once your account is established, you can add route information.

If you already set up an account through 511PA, your account is accessible through the redesigned website as well. Just log in to the new system with your old username and password, and then verify that your route and email information is still accurate.

Next Steps

After signing up or logging back in, the main menu will allow you to:

Change your Password.

You will have to enter your old password, and then your new one.

Add a Traffic Profile.

Think of your traffic profiles as nicknames for your trips. A profile can have one or more roadway segments. For example, you might like to have a “TO WORK” profile Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. This profile would contain all roads you take on your way to work.

Then you might add a “FROM WORK” profile Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., with all the roads you take for the way home.

How do you do it?

  • Add a segment.
    • Select the Roadway from the dropdown, then the direction (N/S/E/W).
    • Select the start point and end point along this roadway. (These start and endpoints are familiar exits or intersections.)
    • Now click the blue “Add Segment” button.
    • Repeat this process until all of your segments have been added to this profile.
  • Select the day(s) of the week to receive email notifications. You can select the entire week, week days, weekends, or any combination of specific days.
  • Select the time of day to receive the email alerts
  • Select which email address should receive the alerts, and a nickname to associate with the profile (e.g. TO WORK).
  • When all fields are complete, click the “Add Profile” button.

    A list of the segments you created will be displayed for you. Made a mistake?

    You can delete any segment by clicking the “Remove” link next to the start/end points.

View/Edit Traffic Profiles.

You can change or remove any profile that you have entered. All of your profiles will be displayed. Simply click the EDIT button to make a change in a profile, or click REMOVE to delete it.

Notice that this grid also has an “ACTIVE” column. If a profile is active, this column will have a “Yes” in it. You may click the “Deactivate” link to deactivate the profile without completely removing it. This is recommended if, for example, you go on vacation and do not want to receive emails again until you return. To reactivate the profile, log in and click “Activate” and the NO will change back to YES in the active column.

Email alerts will come from Please be sure to set your email security settings to allow you to receive these emails.


If you wish to discontinue receiving all email alerts, click the unsubscribe button.

Roadways Available for Personal Alerts

I - 70I - 76I - 78I - 79
I - 80I - 81I - 83I - 84
I - 86I - 90I - 95I - 99
I - 176I - 180I - 279I - 283
I - 376I - 380I - 476I - 579
I - 676Turnpike
I - 76
I - 276
I - 476
PA - 28PA - 33PA - 60PA - 100
PA - 147PA - 283PA - 309PA - 581
PA - 43
PA - 376
PA - 66
PA – 576
US - 1US - 6US - 11US - 15
US - 19US - 22US - 30US - 119
US - 202US - 209US - 219US - 220
US - 222US - 322US - 422