Tom Wolf, Governor
Yassmin Gramian, Acting Secretary of Transportation

Current Alerts

Attention Travelers: Due to technical difficulties, traffic speeds are unavailable at this time.
Attention Travelers: The following rest areas are open for normal services: I-79 NB, 5 miles north of Exit 1 (Greene County); I-79 NB, 8 miles north of Exit 45 (Allegheny County); I-79 NB, 3.5 miles north of Exit 105 (Lawrence County); I-79 NB, 6 miles north of Exit 130 (Mercer County); I-79 NB, 8 miles north of Exit 154 (Crawford County); I-79 SB, 3 miles south of Exit 166 (Crawford County); I-79 SB, 3.5 miles south of Exit 113 (Lawrence County); I-79 SB, 5 miles south of Exit 141 (Mercer County); I-80 EB, 1/2 mile east of Exit 29 (Venango County); I-80 EB, 1 mile east of Exit 86 (Jefferson County); I-80 EB, 13 miles east of Exit 133 (Centre County); I-80 EB, 4.5 miles east of Exit 215 (Montour County); I-80 EB, 8.5 miles east of Exit 262 (Luzerne County); I-80 EB, 1 mile east of I-380 & I-80 (Monroe County); I-80 WB, 4.5 miles west of Exit 224 (Montour County); I-80 WB, 1/2 mile west of Exit 147 (Centre County); I-80 WB, 10 miles west of Exit 97 (Jefferson County); I-80 WB, 4 miles west of Exit 35 (Venango County); I-81 NB, 1/2 mile north of Exit 37 (Cumberland County); I-81 NB, 1.5 miles north of Exit 155 (Luzerne County); I-81 NB, 1/2 mile north of Exit 202 (Lackawanna County); I-81 SB, 4 miles south of Exit 211 (Susquehanna County); I-81 SB, 1.5 miles south of Exit 159 (Luzerne County); I-81 SB, 5.5 miles south of Exit 44 (Cumberland County); I-83 NB, 2.5 miles north of MD Line (York County); I-84 EB, 6 miles east of Exit 20 (Pike County); I-84 WB, 1 mile west of Exit 26 (Pike County); I-90 EB, 3 miles east of Ohio Line (Erie County).
Attention PA Turnpike Travelers: The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is alerting motorists that cash/credit will not be accepted at any interchange statewide beginning Monday, March 16th, at 8 pm. Click here for more info.
Attention Travelers: As of February 10, 2020, 8 32 AM, there is an other incident on PA 60 both directions between SOUTH MAIN ST, WALBRIDGE ST and WEAVER ST. All lanes closed.