Tom Wolf, Governor
Leslie S. Richards, Secretary of Transportation

Current Alerts

Attention Travelers: There is roadwork on PA 147 northbound between SECOND ST and DUKE ST / + SEVENTH ST. All lanes closed.
Attention Travelers: There is roadwork on PA 147 southbound between SIXTH ST and THIRD ST. All lanes closed.
Attention travelers to the Williamsport area:  Due to the Little League World Series, highways and roads leading to Williamsport may experience congestion and traffic delays throughout the week.  Please plan extra time for your travels and be on the lookout for pedestrians in and around the Little League World Series complex.  Route 15 NB and SB to South Williamsport may be particularly congested.  Travelers should expect delays and use caution. 
Attention Travelers:  The Pennsylvania State Police, Shippack Station, are searching for Janice Gross, a 69 year old female.  She is driving a gray 2016 Toyota Highlander with PA registration HNF-4133.  Anyone with information on this individual, please contact police by immediately calling 911 or PSP Shippack Station 510-584-1250
Attention Travelers: As of August 20, 2018, 4 44 AM, there is a vehicle fire on PA 33 southbound between Exit: US 22 WEST - BETHLEHEM/ALLENTOWN and Exit: US 22 EAST - EASTON. All lanes closed.