About 511

The 511 Pennsylvania website is part of a statewide travel information service which provides reliable traffic, weather and transit information to travelers to reduce congestion, and improve safety and mobility in Pennsylvania.

Using real-time traffic data from various sources throughout the state, we are able to provide current information to commuters, travelers and commercial carriers so they can make informed decisions regarding their next drive to work, trip or delivery. By providing this information to travelers, 511 Pennsylvania helps to keep traffic moving.

Key features of the site include:

  • An interactive map enabling site visitors to view traffic conditions statewide or to focus on a particular region.
  • A link to the Pennsylvania Long-Term Construction website providing travelers with information regarding various construction projects along major Pennsylvania roadways.
  • Links to the various transportation service providers throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Breaking traffic news via an alert scroll panel.

In addition to this website, the 511 telephone service provides travelers with real-time traffic conditions anywhere they have access to a phone. This free service can be accessed from most locations in the state. If you are unable to reach 511 Pennsylvania, your telephone carrier may not yet support this new service. Callers can still access 511 Pennsylvania by dialing 1-877-511-PENN (7366).

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